Robert Half: 2015 International Salary Guide (Dutch)

In order to firmly position Robert Half within the rocky international market, all lines of business where marketed under this new universal theme. The interior was designed using a clean and fresh aesthetic. Leveraging the brand colors to pop against a white landscape was essential in presenting bright and engaging content candidates and clients want to read.

Robert Half: 2016 International Salary Guide

After the decision to move forward with the universal theme in North America, these cover concepts were designed for the international market.

Robert Half: 2016 North America Salary Guide Cover Concepts

Following the success of the 2015 Salary Guide in international markets, North America decided to adopt the universal theme as well. These concepts introduced the idea to Robert Half decision makers and get clearance to move forward. The mock theme was "Unleash your potential." With the universal theme in place, I was able to show how each line of business would work within the universal theme and still proudly fly true to it's own brand.