The Perfect Teapot

This brand needed to represent a classy, quality & non-traditional style with a modern flare. The timeless thick and thin lines of Didot, paired with the clean/modern Neutraface typestyle created the perfect environment to marry these two styles. The overall branding is very clean and classic, using white primarily with black as a secondary color and yellow as a primary accent.. Supporting splashes of color accent the brand palette to create interest and movement to guide you through the designs.


logo thumbnail sketches

The Perfect Teapot keeps the tea hot, and pours without splattering. Conveying those features was important in the logo mark. The "parenthesis" represent the shape of the pot and also the way it keeps the tea hot. The "F" is slanted as if to be "pouring", while the terminal has been slightly adjusted to represent a teardrop of tea.


brand style guide

A clean and simple layout was used for the guide, to keep the reader engaged and interested in the content. Rules and styles are identified easily with the exaggerated size difference between titles and text, guiding the reader straight to relevant information. A clean, modern, "dainty but classic" dotted pattern is used throughout the guide.